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The Yemen Crisis Explained

Yemen has been in a state of war and famine for years, and is now battling COVID-19; with such immense struggle, it is no wonder that this has been named the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Over 80% of Yemen’s population is in dire need of help, with 20 million people facing food insecurity, and 10 million people a step away from famine. 

Topics Covered: What is the Yemen crisis? Who is involved? What are the causes and consequences?  The Timeline from 2011 – Present. 

Humanitarian Updates in Yemen 2021

An infographic series summarizing the humanitarian situation in Yemen, from January to May 2021. 

Topics covered: COVID-19 response, vaccination status and campaign, healthcare supplies and infrastructure, famine and malnutrition, food insecurity, war and casualties, IDPs and the Fuel Crisis. 

Download and view these infographics via Google Drive. 

Awareness Conversations

An educational video series featuring individuals or groups of Yemeni background. 

We are looking to feature: 

  • Individuals with experience growing up in Yemen

  • Individuals with Yemeni background

  • Individuals involved with non-profits in support of Yemen

  • Yemeni activists

It is up to the individual/group involved to choose how they would like to share their experience. 

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External Resources

External resources (individual-run accounts, videos, webinars, speaker events, etc.) that may help you gain a better understanding of the situation in Yemen. 

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Coming Soon...

  • Sharable Infographics

  • Animated Video Series

  • This Week in Yemen Newsletter

  • And MORE!

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